"We are basically Dragon themed Jedi."

Guardians have long been the upholders of peace and order in many parts of Lore. Wherever you find a Guardian Tower, you will find these highly trained soldiers in the war against evil. They are skilled in the martial as well as the magical arts making a single Guardian well worth a whole company of mercenaries or soldiers.

Guardian Strike
A strike from the heavens. Gain 1 Guardian Mark on a successful attack..

Dragon's Breath
Summon the power of the Guardian Dragon to blast your enemy! Does increased damage for each Guardian Mark you have. Chance to Daze for 3 seconds.

Healing Strike
On a successful attack - heal your wounds. Increased healing for each Guardian Mark you have.

Guardian's Oath
Focus the enemies' attacks on you. Weakens and Staggers enemies. Lasts 10 seconds.



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